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Workplace Harassment Training and Prevention from DuPont

Workplace Harassment Training and Prevention

Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act forbids harassment and discrimination based on a person's race, color, religion, sex and national origin. However, many recent forms of harassment, such as workplace bullying, are not necessarily covered by this landmark law. Help identify and prevent emergent forms of harassment in the workplace with these tips:

  1. Harassment Goes Digital Posting nasty comments on a co-worker's blog or social media page can be a form of digital harassment, despite the behavior not occurring in an office setting. Digital harassment can create a hostile environment, in which a co-worker is made to feel uncomfortable or disrespected or threatened over and over again.
  2. Take a Stand on Bullying Many states have recognized that bullying negatively impacts an employee's morale and performance. Thus, they have proposed anti-workplace bullying laws. Suggest an anti-bullying policy to your manager, stand up against bullies and help protect their victims. If you are a victim yourself, report the matter to your supervisor or HR.
  3. Watch out for Inappropriate Humor You may just be joking, but humor can be considered a form of harassment. As in typical harassment cases, the courts put more weight on the victim's perception and feelings, not the intention of the perpetrator. What you find amusing may not be so for others, so it is best to be mindful of the jokes you say and pranks you play.
  4. Beware of Third Parties You may not mind contractors, but keep in mind that they can harass you or your colleagues. So report contractors when they are engaging in unwelcome behavior.
  5. Stop the Sexting If you consider sending racy pictures and messages to a colleague, beware that doing so can be construed as harassment. You may have a connection with the intended recipient, but sexy photos and messages may cross the line. And worse, there'll always be a record of your message, ready to be used in investigations and trials.

Workplace Harassment Training and Prevention

Taken from the "Harassment: A New Look" training program, part of the DuPont Sustainable Solutions human resources training curriculum. Watch a free full-length preview.