• Bloodborne Pathogens: Just The Facts

    Bloodborne Pathogens: Just The Facts

    This will introduce you to the different diseases caused by bloodborne pathogens, how to decrease your risk of becoming infected by these infectious microorganisms, and what to do if you come in contact with them. Learn More

  • Wrong Way Right Way: Ethics Cases

    Wrong Way Right Way: Ethics Cases

    Use this program's humorous video clips to show employees the "wrong way" and "right way" of handling 17 common ethics issues. Learn More

  • Pipefitting 11–Part Series

    Pipefitting 11–-Part Series

    The Pipefitting series is designed for new pipefitting students who have little to no knowledge of the field. Learn More

  • HIPAA Rules & Compliance

    Give employees an overview of the HIPAA Omnibus Rule with this new program. Reviews basic, unchanged requirements, qualified standards, and discusses critical changes. Learn More

  • Motorcycle Safety Awareness

    Motorcycle Safety Awareness

    This program will give your employees an eye-opening look at the dangers of motorcycle riding and provide them with important information they need to know before riding a motorcycle. Learn More

  • Drop by Drop

    Drop by Drop

    Help spot and stop micro-inequities. Raise employees' awareness by showing them how small acts they may take for granted – gestures, comments, even body language – can eventually trigger destructive consequences. Learn More

  • DuPont™ Energy Efficiency: Energy Smart

    DuPont™ Energy Efficiency: Energy Smart

    The course helps promote general energy awareness in all organizations and includes specific tips to help deliver quick energy savings. Learn More

  • Disruptive Behavior: Too Great a Cost

    Disruptive Behavior: Too Great a Cost

    This program points out the impact of disruptive behavior on healthcare staff health, morale, performance, turnover, communication and teamwork as well as patient safety and the organization's reputation. Learn More

Employee Training

DuPont Sustainable Solutions features a collection of online employee training courses, training DVDs, handbooks and posters designed to aid in your employee development. Trainers around the world have relied on DuPont Sustainable Solutions for 30 years to deliver award-winning, compelling training materials. These learning and development tools help save lives, empower employees, improve the workplace and keep your organization in compliance with government regulations.

Online Employee Training Courses

Our online employee training courses feature content that is specifically designed to help improve employee knowledge and performance. Choose from hundreds of safety, human resources, maintenance and reliability, healthcare, and government courses — all with a user-friendly interface and featuring interactive rich media to help engage training participants. Our online courses can easily be customized to your organization's specific needs by adding, editing or deleting audio, video, text, graphics, training points, questions in the course modules, self-checks, and pre- and post-tests. Best-selling online employee training courses include Arc Flash: Live to Tell, which covers important information on the latest version of NFPA70E and the Pipefitting 11-Part Series, which serves as a progressive introduction to the techniques and practices of the pipefitting art. Preview our online training courses online!

Training DVDs

Our off-the-shelf library features hundreds of training DVDs that can help your organization achieve your unique objectives while reinforcing your message year-round. A valuable feature of our DVDs is that the content is divided into chapters, offering the trainer natural pauses to discuss the training points. Also, the portable convenience of DVDs makes them a perfect delivery method for trainers who travel between work locations. Best-selling employee training DVDs include HazCom: In Sync with GHS, designed to help organizations comply with the training requirements of the OSHA Hazard Communication standard and Driven to Distraction, a high-impact training course which helps raise awareness of the dangerous epidemic of driving while distracted. Preview and purchase training DVDs online!

Training Handbooks

Our training handbooks will keep training content right at your employees' fingertips! These handbooks are typically between 16 and 20 pages and include a tear-out quiz at the end for documentation purposes. The development of your employees has never been easier with best-selling training handbooks such as Safety Orientation: On Alert, a new-hire handbook covering eight core compliance issues and Harassment Is..., a reference to help your employees recognize and eliminate the various forms of harassment that may arise in your organization. HIPAA Rules & Compliance reviews how the HIPAA Omnibus Rule impacts your HIPAA compliance strategies, covering unchanged requirements, qualified standards and critical changes.

Training Posters

Finally, our training posters keep your training message in plain sight and remind employees of its importance each and every day. These laminated posters, typically measuring 18" x 24", cover such topics as handwashing, back safety, employee rights and more.