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STOP® for PSM is a member of the award-winning DuPont portfolio of workplace safety training. Other offerings include STOP DataPro®, STOP® for Supervision, STOP® for Each Other, STOP® for Healthcare and STOP® for Ergonomics.
Can you spot the hazards? DuPont™ STOP® for PSM STOP® for PSM gives employees a tool to help spot process hazards.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Despite the efforts that many organizations have put into the implementation of a Process Safety Management system, there are still opportunities for unintended deviations of controls to occur, primarily due to their deterioration over time and the lack of discipline in their maintenance. These controls may not function as intended when in demand. Consequently, process hazards wait like ticking time bombs to be discovered. STOP® for PSM provides employees a tool for process hazard awareness and risk reduction through observation.

STOP® for PSM combines the observation intervention of STOP® with the principles of Process Safety that identifies, evaluates and controls process hazards in a structured way to help ensure operational discipline. It provides organizations with a means to reduce hazards with immediate impact.

There are three major observation categories of focus:

  • Personnel
  • Facilities
  • Technology

Process safety hazards are often not as visible or recognizable as general safety hazards. STOP® for PSM aims to help engage front line employees and enhance their level of process hazard awareness, by:

  • identifying deviations of controls from design intent
  • analyzing components of Process Safety Management that have been weakly implemented
  • helping ensure operational discipline so as to reduce the risk of having a catastrophic incident.


STOP® for PSM is well suited for delivery to all layers of the organization, from leadership to front line employees.


The approach is one that builds internal capability and champions within the site.

  • Site tour to understand process hazards and identify deviations of controls
  • Participation in STOP® for PSM workshop
  • Targeted coaching to develop STOP® for PSM site champions

Content and Materials

  • Implementation Assistance Workshop
  • Facilitator's Guide
  • STOP® for PSM checklists

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