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STOP DataPro®

Delivering actionable data that can lead to improved safety and operational performance

STOP DataPro®

STOP DataPro® is a secure web-based application – accompanied by a new mobile app – that makes it easy to record and analyze safety performance data gathered on the STOP® observation checklists. The insights derived from STOP DataPro® provide actionable knowledge that can help lead to better workplace safety decisions and improved safety and operational performance.

Reports can be used to:

  • Identify safe and unsafe trends.
  • Help keep employees focused on safety.
  • Prioritize areas for safety improvement.
    • "We need training on this topic."
    • "We need to re-evaluate our procedures when operating this equipment."
    • "We need to raise awareness of this potential hazard/risk."
  • Create and track "corrective actions" identified in observations.
  • Determine if unsafe observations are systemic or isolated instances.
View a macro level report and drill down to the detail you need.

The latest version of STOP DataPro® represents a dynamic overhaul of the system. From a fresh new look and feel, to expanded tracking functionality and a brand-new reports module, the entire application has been redesigned to improve the user experience.

STOP DataPro® Benefits

Benefits of DataPro®:

  • Rapid feedback on the observation process is available through automatic integration of safety observation data into reports
  • Secure and confidential database protects safety observation data, customer information and reports Improve safety communication through reports that increase awareness of workplace safety issues
  • Prevent potential injury through trend observation and corrective actions

STOP DataPro® Mobile

Use the new mobile app to record and upload your observation data!

  • Capture safety observations using your iOS or Android device
  • Use your company’s custom checklists
  • Save time and reduce use of paper checklists
  • Edit observations at any time prior to syncing
  • Sync observations back to STOP DataPro® via WiFi or data connection
  • Observations are synced into authorized approval queue in STOP DataPro®

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